Harmonica Films AB

Harmonica Films produce film and TV-series in close collaboration with competent and ambitious creators where the story is always center of attention. We want to reach wide, but never at the cost of quality. We develop projects in a vast range of genres and formats, which has resulted in a versatile slate. In addition, we collaborate, co-produce and develop film and TV with SF Studios since a few years back. Harmonica Films was founded by screenwriters and producers Per Janérus, Björn Carlström and Stefan Thunberg in early 2010s. Initially, our main focus was to continue the success “The Hunters” and develop its universe. This resulted in a successful sequel and two seasons of the well-regarded series “Hunters” – which has established our position as a renowned production company in the Nordic film and TV business.


Per Janérus

CEO & producer

Per has a solid background in various production departments of film and TV with focus on production management and line producing. For example, he has worked on the much-publicized “Call Girl” and the international co-production “100 Code”. Furthermore, he has worked with film financing within the Nordics and Europe. In addition to Harmonica’s projects “False Trail” and “The Hunters”, Per has also produced the much-lauded children’s feature “War Games”. Per’s varied and extensive experience, in combination with his determination to produce quality content, has made him well-regarded as a producer.

Björn Carlström

Screenwriter & producer

Björn Carlström is a screenwriter and producer who started his career with Mats-Helge Olsson in the 1980s. During the 90s, he went on to build the production department at Sonet Films, where he produced hits like “The Hunters”, “Zero Tolerance” and “Breaking Out”. In recent years, he has been a frequently employed script advisor and speaker, while writing projects such as “False Trail” and the TV series “The Hunters” together with Stefan Thunberg. With his vast experience both as a producer and screenwriter, Björn has taken on the role as showrunner in recent years. On both seasons of “The Hunters”, he has been overseen and been responsible for the entire creative process, from writing to production, to editing and sound mixing.

Stefan Thunberg

Screenwriter & producer

Stefan is one of Sweden’s most appreciated and active screenwriters. In addition to working on “Wallander”, “Beck”, “Van Veeteren” and “Hamilton”, he has also written the feature film “False Trail”, as well as creating and writing the TV Series “Farang”, and “The Hunters”. Stefan is also frequently hired as a dramaturg and has worked on projects such as Filip and Fredrik’s feature film “The Cake General” and Josephine Bornebusch’s series “Love Me”. In addition to Film and TV creation, Stefan has achieved great success with his novels “Made In Sweden” and “A Brother To Die For”.